Smart Security for Your Business

Stay on Top of Your Business

J&J Security offers a full suite of interactive commercial services tailored to support a wide range of small-and-medium-sized-businesses (SMBs), from single properties to multi-location enterprises. Keep your business secure, gain new awareness and instant visibility into key operational activities, and manage your energy costs - no matter where you are.

Always on Security and Awareness

• Professionally Monitored Security

• Access and Control from Anywhere with Leading Mobile Apps

• Multi-Location Management

• Real-Time Activity Alerts and Notifications

• Live and Recorded Video Monitoring

• Detailed Reports and Activity Tracking

Keep Your Business Secure and Connected

· Arm and disarm the system remotely.

· Set automated arming schedules and leverage other sensors for automatic re-arming after an event.

· Use partitions to manage access to different areas of your business.

· Manage multiple sites in one centralized dashboard.

Control Access to Your Business

remote management

· Manage employee User Codes across multiple locations.

· Assign Scheduled User Codes to limit employee access to certain times of day.

· Easily remove User Code access for terminated employees.

· Use interior door locks to manage who is coming in and out of back rooms and offices.