CAMX DVR Playback - Backup

In this tutorial you will learn how to search, set time, and backup footage to a flash drive

  • You will need at least a 2GB Flashdrive for this tutorial
  • If a monitor is not hooked up to the DVR please use the HDMI or VGA output and do so

CAMX DVR User Management How to Add a User to Your DVR

In this tutorial you will learn how to set up a user account and set permissions

CAMX DVR Record ScheduleHow to Edit the Record Schedule on Your DVR

Set custom Record Schedules for your DVR based on

  • Motion
  • 24 Hour Record
  • Alarm
  • Motion & Alarm

CAMX DVR Zoom Function During PlaybackDigital Zoom Tutorial

Learn how to digitally zoom during playback on your CAMX DVR.