PurePowerTM Series Central Vacuum Systems

Sealed HEPA 2.0 & Sealed HEPA
A HEPA filter removes 99.97% of +0.3 μm diameter particles from the air that passes through it. PP600 & PP650 features Sealed HEPA that ensures max dust retention vs. Standard HEPA filter. Sealed HEPA with glued seams optimizes the efficiency of the HEPA. PP650 features Sealed HEPA 2.0, which includes an additional secondary exhaust filter that filters out the carbon dust emitted by the motor providing two levels of system filtration. It also enables more flexible installation options like a closet, at the same time ensuring cleanest indoor air quality.

Better suction
Up to 650 Air Watts for homes up to 9,000 sq.ft. With power/performance being rated as one of the most valued features for a consumer, the NuTone PurePower series offers powerful cleaning power to meet the consumer cleaning needs.

Flex Collect Debris disposal system
Hybrid bagging system offers bagged & bagless operation in the same unit for models PP600 and PP650. The consumer will never be without a vacuum again due to running out of bags! No other central vacuum system has a more convenient debris disposal solution. Additionally the same replacement bag model (391) is used with all 3 units.

Ultra SilentTM
Thru-flow motor combined with Sound-absorbing high-performance material and assembly techniques make these vacuums among the quietest in the industry and quieter than older models.

Longer warranty
With a 5, 8 or 10 year limited warranty the new NuTone PurePower series central vacuums warranty match the industry standard and is at par with the competition. It is also a lot longer than the existing NuTone vacuums.

Large ergonomic latches on the debris pail make emptying your central vacuum easier.

Easy To Install
Multi direction vacuum connection for easy installation even in small spaces.

Reliable and Durable
Proudly designed and manufactured in North America to high quality and safety standards.

Mix & Match Solution
Choose from 6 new attachment sets that suit your cleaning needs.