What to Look for When Purchasing Alarm Monitoring Services

Alarm systems are essential for protecting your well-being and your belongings. It has been proven that homes with security systems are two thirds less likely to be broken into, and if infiltrated have smaller losses. 

Window Security for Houses, Apartments and Businesses

The importance of window security is often overlooked compared to other entry ways (i.e. doors, garages, etc...). With a property being burglarized every 15 seconds, about 23 percent gain entry through a first floor window, as observed by the FBI. In order to prevent easy access and ensure maximum security, consider taking steps in securing your home or business’ windows.

The Five Stages of Smart Home Parenting

Help will come in many forms: family, friends, the new social networks you'll make as parents. It also comes in the form of technology that makes the everyday work of parenting easier. From electric bottle warmers to space-age stroller designs, you'll soon discover technical fixes for every challenge.