Yes, a home security system is worth it.

“Is a home security system worth the cost?” That is a question we are often asked by those who don’t have one. One may feel enticed to get one after moving to a new neighborhood, having a baby, or possibly being a victim of a past incident, like burglary or another crime. Perhaps the sheer statistics that 2 million burglaries are reported every year in the US, roughly one every 13 seconds (66 percent being home break-ins), may sway someone to purchase a home security system.

Despite the level of comfort or confidence you may have in the safety of your neighborhood, those statistics are anything but comforting. Burglary, fire, protection and peace of mind are nothing to be lackadaisical about. If you’re still looking for a reason to invest in a home security system, listen to this: homes without a security system are 300 percent more likely to be targeted for a break-in than a home with one. In addition to that, simple home security signs placed in the yard or on the door often ward off potential burglars. Studies also show that if burglars are diverted from one home, they rarely scan the neighborhood for another to break-in. So your home security system is not only keeping your own house protected, but your neighbors houses as well.

Still need another reason to invest in a home security system? This last one is simple, your homeowners (or renters) and car insurances will decrease, up to 20%. This one fact may make all the difference in whether or not you thought it was worth the extra cost.

Let’s be honest though, peace of mind should have no price tag. J&J Security Services knows this and works 24/7 to provide our customers with the highest quality home and business protection you can rely on. For more information about the cost of a home security system and security options visit our website or call us today at (800) 532-7233(SAFE).