Work The Night Shift? Protect Yourself After Dark With These 5 Crime Prevention Tips


Working a night shift can be challenging in many ways; you have to rearrange your sleep schedule, you have less time to see friends and family and to top it all off working at night can be more dangerous. That said, you don't have to be a passive victim; there are steps you can take to keep yourself safe during those overnight shifts.

Here are 5 crime prevention tips you can use to protect yourself.

1. Use the buddy system

The only thing worse than working at night is working at night by yourself. Make sure you get to know your night shift colleagues and utilize the buddy system to watch each others backs. Having someone who knows where you are could make all the difference in the world, especially when it comes to violent crime. Criminals are also much less likely to target pairs or groups of people than they are an individual.

2. Always lock your car

Your car is especially vulnerable at night. The parking lot will be fairly empty, so there are less witnesses to dissuade break ins. Even the best lit parking lots at night can be dark in some places, which only serves to further embolden criminals.

Criminals often go down the path of least resistance so they are likely to go around checking for unlocked cars first instead of smashing the windows, which could potentially draw unwanted attention, so in most cases locking your car is enough. That said it would also be wise not to leave anything valuable in your car, or at least put it somewhere out of sight.

3. Avoid poorly lit areas

Criminals like to do their work in low lighting as it gives them the element of surprise and makes them harder to identify. Whenever possible, avoid traveling through poorly lit, isolated areas in your workplace like stairwells and narrow corridors. If it's not possible to completely avoid these areas try to go with another person.

4. Report security issues to management

Part of management's job is to create a safe environment for their workers, but they aren't omniscient. That's why it's important to report security issues when you see them. Things like broken or flickering lights in a hallway, suspicious people you see hanging around, disgruntled ex-employees who still have security access, broken windows, and doors that don't properly lock. All of these are small, easy to fix issues that can greatly improve the security of your workplace.

5. Ask your boss about their commercial security system

A good commercial security system is the gold standard when it comes to crime prevention in the workplace. Whether you work for a small business or a big corporation you need some kind of protection. Even something as simple as an HD security camera system can go a long way towards preventing crime in the workplace. If you're worried that your business isn't doing enough in this regard, ask them to look into upgrading their commercial security system. 

At J&J security we are in the business of protecting your business. We offer a variety of services from simple camera systems to top of the line smart security systems. Please contact us today to read more crime prevention tips and to check out some of our commercial security options.