Window Security for Houses, Apartments and Businesses

 The importance of window security is often overlooked compared to other entry ways (i.e. doors, garages, etc...). With a property being burglarized every 15 seconds, about 23 percent gain entry through a first floor window, as observed by the FBI. In order to prevent easy access and ensure maximum security, consider taking steps in securing your home or business’ windows.


    It may seem obvious, but invest in proper window locks. This prevents entry and can slow down burglars who try to get in and out quickly. Locks are easily installed by either hiring a locksmith or handyman, or you can buy add-on locks at most hardware stores.


    Another important step to take is to inspect the area of the window - outside and in. Always be aware that all windows have working locks and do not contain any cracks. Outside, keep trees or shrubs trimmed below the window, as these provide cover and attract burglars. Remember to close your curtains or blinds when you are not home or at night time so it is not as easy to see inside of your home. This prevents criminals from seeing anything of interest that will influence their decision to burglarize.


    Adding security pins to your windows may also be beneficial to protecting your property. These add an added layer of protection, especially to older wood-framed double-hung windows. These are installed by putting pins in the upper part of the window frame, allowing it to open around just six inches, preventing any person to fit through. Since they do not allow entry, make sure that they are easily removed from the inside and that you know how to remove them in case of emergency.

    If you live in an area that requires maximum security, security bars are very efficient for lower or basement windows. These usually come in metal bars or grills placed over the window so that the window can open fully, but with a barrier preventing any entry. It is best to have them properly installed by a professional to ensure that they are securely attached, and will not come off easily for burglars. Again, make sure that you can release them quickly from the inside in the event that you need to get out during a fire or other emergency.

    If you live in an older home and are able to, upgrade your windows. Install ones with security or tempered glass, which is much harder to damage and break than other types of window glass. As window locks get old they tend to wear out, so newer ones are most efficient. Security film is also a good deterrent as if the window is broken, the film keeps the glass in place.