Why Choose J&J Security Services Over a Larger Competitor Like ADT?


When considering security options for your home or business, you may be wondering why you should choose a locally based security company such as J&J Security Services over one of the larger companies such as ADT.

Since we realize this is a question that many of our prospective customers have, we wanted to take a moment to explain why our customers ultimately end up choosing J&J Security Services over one of our larger competitors.

1. Level of Service

J&J Security Services is a local family owned business that has been protecting thousands of customers in the Central Florida community since 1983. Since we have a clear understanding of the security risks that homes and businesses are up against in our community, we are able to offer professional, high-quality protection to our customers in a way that our larger competitors really can't match.

We provide our customers with 24-hour protection, and our monitoring specialists are able to instantly verify alarms and any other emergencies at your home or business through our two-way voice technology. We take the time to truly evaluate each of our customer's unique security needs and then provide solutions to give them peace of mind. You can rely on us to provide prompt attention, in installation or service, through service providers that know and understand your needs. Not with subcontractors, so you know and trust the person that is in your home or business.

2. Level of Protection

When most people think of a security services firm, a monitored alarm system is what immediately comes to mind. While this may be an offering that the bigger security firms like ADT leads with, we make it very clear to our customers that we can provide much more protection than just a monitored alarm system.

For example, our image sensor powered by Alarm.com combines the traditional motion activated sensor with an integrated still camera and interactive controls that can give you a view of your home and business even when you're not there. We offer smart technology that enables our customers to  have complete visibility of the various entry points around their home or business at any given time in addition to the ability to lock doors and close the garage remotely from a smartphone or tablet.

3. Pricing

We understand that pricing plays a role in your decision to choose a security partner. This is why we offer our services beginning as low as $19.95 a month with a 6 month money back guarantee if you're not satisfied. Because we are a smaller, locally-based firm without all of the overhead that a larger company such as ADT has, we're able to be very competitive with our pricing while still offering the highest quality services.

Another way that our customers can save on security services is through our referral program. There's no better compliment than to receive a referral from one of our valued customers, and we want to extend our gratitude by providing a $100 monitoring credit for any referrals that become customers.

Please contact us to learn more about why our customers are choosing J&J Security Services over one of our larger competitors such as ADT.