What Is Cellular Monitoring?

People are doing away with their land line telephones left and right these days. We get numerous calls every day from individuals wanting to hear about ways to ensure their families protection once they get rid of their home phone. That is where Cellular Monitoring comes into play. For years now, homes and businesses that wanted an extra level of protection, would have opt for cellular monitoring in their home.  This way if someone were to cut the phone lines prior to entering, the alarm would still be able to transmit signals to the monitoring station. Now with more and more people doing away with their land line telephones to save money, cellular monitoring is even more popular.

Sometimes when people hear “cellular monitoring”, they assume it has to do with their actual cell phones. However, cellular monitoring is made possible by a separate cellular device that we install in your home or business. It is not associated with your mobile phone. The cellular device acts as the communicator between your alarm system and the monitoring station.  Instead of sending signals through your telephone lines, it sends the signals using regular cellular towers.  Therefore, you technically no longer need a home phone line at all because it isn’t needed to send alarm signals. The cellular signal is sent through the Data portion of a cellular signal, much like a text message, as opposed to the Voice signals that are used by traditional cellular phones.  With cellular monitoring, the cellular alarm signal is able to reach the monitoring station quickly and without disruption. What this means for the consumer is a safer and more reliable form of protection.

Another benefit of cellular monitoring is the variety of interactive services that can be available to you if you wanted. One of our customers’ favorite features is the remote keypad that they can access on their cell phone to arm and disarm their system from wherever they are. It doesn’t stop there. You can view your cameras, unlock and lock your doors, turn on lights, and adjust the thermostat. Now protection and lifestyle features go hand in hand. Remember that when choosing a company that will provide you with cellular monitoring, you want one with an excellent reputation and one that utilizes a monitoring company that you can trust. We are so proud to have a monitoring company that has five redundant central stations, is UL listed, FM approved and IQ certified. Feel free to reach out to our staff to learn more about cellular monitoring. 877-532-SAFE