What Does A Home Security System Include?

Home security is a serious topic, and you’ll put a lot of thought into the protection of your family. If you’re considering adding a security system to your home, it may be helpful to understand what that entails. Regardless of the particular system you choose for the protection of your home, all home security systems utilize the same key features;

Control Panel: This is the brain of your security system, and should be located in an out of the way area that isn’t easy to find. It arms and disarms the security system, receives information for your sensors, sounds the alarm, and communicates with the monitoring company.

Keypad: This is where you interact with the control panel. Your keypads (you can typically have more than one) should be near your main point of entry, so that you can avoid false alarms, and in the master bedroom where you can easily access it in case of an emergency. This is where you enter your alarm code to arm and disarm the system. There are many different options when it comes to the keypad you choose for your home; touchpads, voice activated, or even wireless options with home automation.

Window and Door Sensors: These sensors are placed on windows and doors, typically at ground level, and will trigger the alarm if opened. One part of the device is installed on the window or door itself, and the other on the door frame or windowsill. When the two pieces are separated, it tells the control panel that this entry point has opened.

Motion Detectors: These sensors can be placed in any open areas of your home where you would like to have an extra layer of protection. It creates an area where movement is detected and communicated to the control panel, just like with window and door sensors. This extra protection would be good for areas that aren’t frequented by the inhabitants of your home during the night, such as a home office where you keep your valuables.

Alarm/Siren: When triggered by motion detectors or the sensors on doors and windows, most home security systems have an audible alarm that will sound. This alarm will alert those inside that there is a problem, scare away possible intruders, and alert your neighbors to the situation.

Security Monitoring and Central Monitoring Station: As part of your home security system, monitoring plays a vital role in keeping your family safe. Whenever something alerts the control panel of an issue, the monitoring company is alerted as well. This allows them to either contact the authorities, or attempt to contact you to ensure that all is well.

Accessories: In addition to the basic system, there are many options for extra security if you desire it. Surveillance cameras can allow you to monitor your home from your smart phone, whether inside while your kids are with the babysitter, or outdoors near entry points or outlying buildings, or you can use surveillance cameras that will record and store the videos for future viewing. There’s also the option for home automation, asset protection devices, and more.

With all of the available options, it’s easy for a company like J&J Security to find the system that will be the best fit for you and your family. Contact us to learn more.