Get Rid of False Alarms: Live Video Monitoring Service

Live Video Monitoring Service

False alarms are inevitable when you have a security system. One day you are going to wake up and go out the back door to let the dog out and forget to disarm the alarm; or maybe your cat will get into your room with the motion sensor while you are away; it could even happen if your security system gets hit by lighting. Most municipalities allow for up to three false alarms a year before you get fined. The problem is between 94% and 99% of all alarms are false alarms. These false alarms cost police departments over $1 billion annually nationwide. What is the solution though, because no one wants to leave their house unprotected? Years ago there was no good solution but today there is; it’s called live video monitoring and verification.

With live video monitoring services, when the central station gets an alarm event at your home or business, they can look into cameras attached to the security system. This will allow them to determine whether or not there is a reason to dispatch police. The great thing about these cameras is that the monitoring station can only look into them while there is an alarm event going on, so you will never feel like someone can invade your privacy by just looking in.

One of the things that I love about live video monitoring services is that police typically get dispatched out faster in an actual alarm event because the central station does not need to go down a call list before dispatching police. Video verified alarms get a priority and officers will respond quicker because they know that there is definitely a burglary going on.

At first live video monitoring and verification services were quite expensive for both the monitoring and the equipment. Most of the cameras were bulky and only would look cosmetically acceptable in businesses. Today you can integrate most cameras into your alarm system with add-ons from your security panel’s manufacturer. Monitoring rates are a little higher then traditionally monitoring but when you way out the fact that you will not have any false alarm fines and police will be dispatched faster, the benefits far outweigh the costs.

Please feel free to call our office if you have any questions on adding video verification to your alarm system. We are available with answers and can give you a free quote.