TV Tip-Over

Televisions can be a huge safety issue in your home if they aren’t secured properly. Families often overlook just how dangerous they can be until it is too late. Did you know that every hour a child is rushed to the hospital because of a TV tip-over? Even more saddening is that every 3 weeks a child unnecessarily dies from a TV tip-over. Together we can help make sure this doesn’t happen to your children by learning about the issue and figuring out how to help keep kids safe. 

The statistics show that 34% of child fatalities due to TV tip-overs involved children climbing on furniture or the televisions themselves and that 47% of child fatalities with a TV tip-over occur in a bedroom. Securing furniture to walls is always an important safety step when you have young children living in your home. Young children love to climb and we can’t keep our eyes on them 24/7. Making sure large pieces of furniture are secured to the wall is an essential step to helping keep kids safe when it comes to general home safety and not just in regards to the furniture holding your TV. Since 7 out of 10 children that are injured in that kind of accident are under the age of 5…talking to your children about being careful around the television is NOT enough. SECURING THEM IS KEY and if you have an older CRT TV we have tips for them as well below. We recommend the following tips for television safety:

-Secure your flat screen televisions properly with a wall mount that has a safety certification from an independent laboratory. If you have a new television that you want professionally hung, our certified technicians can help hang them safely on your walls using proper wall mounts.

- 37% of households still have the heavier box style televisions. When you are dealing with an older CRT TV, they should be placed on a low and stable piece of furniture that is appropriate for the size and weight of the television. (A 36” box style CRT TV falling three feet will create the same momentum as a 1 year old child falling from a 10 story building)

- Don’t forget to recycle your old TV’s. Consumer electronics are now the fastest-declining portion of the U.S. municipal solid waste stream. Together we can help by visiting to find a location near you that will safely and responsibly recycle your TV for you.