Top 10 Tips to Keeping Bad Guys Out of your Home in Central Florida

When it comes to property protection, many steps are often overlooked. It is important to have many different means of security throughout your home, ensuring your safety.

  1. Window bars are important for lower or basement windows, as they prevent entry to these easily accessible areas. Usually metal bars that go directly in front of your window, they allow the window to be opened from the inside without any worries of possible entry. Make sure that you know how to properly and quickly remove these from the inside in any emergency events that require escape.

  2. Current updated locks are important to have. Always make sure that your locks are working properly and efficiently, and replace when needed. As locks get older, they tend to wear out and become less protective.     

  3. Security cameras are great burglar deterrents. By just recognizing that a home has a camera will prevent many burglars from entering. They also help in investigations and identifying criminals.

  4. Alarm systems are the most common and obvious step to take when protecting your home. Have a working alarm system at all times that can alert you and the police department when there is forced entry within your home. Many burglars will flee the scene at the sound of an alarm, as it exposes them easily.

  5. Window glass comes in specific security and tempered designs, making it harder to break and enter. This is beneficial to any windows that are accessible from the ground and slows down burglars who are trying to get in and out quickly.

  6. Screen or iron bar doors are helpful as they add an extra layer of protection to your doors. While your main door should be equipped with efficient locks, it is always beneficial to have this added locking door in the way of entry.

  7. Have an exposed perimeter. This means that do not have any tall trees or shrubs in front of windows or near doors, as they can provide criminals with cover. When an area is open and the burglar is easily exposed, they are less likely to commit the crime.

  8. Keep your blinds shut at night or when you are away. This prevents burglars from seeing that you are not home, and seeing anything desirable that may convince them to break in.

  9. Place a stop mail when you are away. Accumulated mail shows that you are obviously away, making your home vulnerable to break-ins. You can either place a stop mail with your delivery company, or have a neighbor collect your mail each day.

  10. Proper locks seem like an obvious protection solution, but many don’t take necessary steps to ensure that their locks are efficient. Have main entry doors equipped with around 2 locks, one doorknob and one deadbolt.