Three-fold, 24/7/365 monitoring you can count on.

What does it mean to have a dependable 24/7/365 security system? It’s rather simple: No matter where you are, what you’re doing, or who is home, your house is protected and monitored by our professional security team. The protection is three-fold: fire, carbon monoxide, and burglary detection that you can count on. If one of these situations were to occur, we would alert you and the proper emergency respondents immediately to protect everyone involved.

House fires cause approximately $7.3 billion in property loss each year. Fires spread fast and can quickly cause a great deal of damage and deaths. In just two minutes, a fire can become severely life-threatening, and in just a mere 5 minutes, a fire can engulf a home. The fumes, heat and smoke from a fire are typically far more dangerous than the flames themselves. With monitored smoke detectors throughout your home, you can sleep and travel a little easier knowing that you and the local fire department will be alerted in case of a fire.

Carbon monoxide can’t be seen, smelled, or heard for that matter. It is a toxic gas that causes nearly 200 deaths a year in the United States. Thankfully, protection from CO poisoning is easier than you may think. The most important preventative action one can take is to make sure all appliances are installed and maintained by professionals. The second method to prevent CO poisoning is to have monitored alarms installed in your home. These are designed to alert you and your family of the slightest amount of Carbon Monoxide in the air.

As told in a previous post, there are 2 million burglaries reported every year, or one every 13 seconds. Homes that do not have a security system are 300 percent more likely to be broken into than homes with one. With a monitored security system from J&J Security, we would immediately alert you in the case of a break-in. One of the technologies we use is that of instant verification, J&J’s monitoring specialists are able to instantly verify alarms and other emergencies via our two-way voice technology.

We’ve continuously seen homes and lives destroyed by fire, carbon monoxide and burglary. Why risk your life, your family’s lives or your valuables when protection is so simple? Visit our website or call us today for more information on our 24/7/365 monitoring system. Let us help you design the perfect security system for all your needs.  Rest easy knowing that you are doing everything you can to protect the things that mean the most to you.