Things to Do Before Leaving On Vacation:


Things to Do Before Leaving On Vacation:


                As Summer approaches it usually means a lot of families find themselves leaving on a vacation. With all the excitement of the upcoming trip it’s easy to overlook taking steps that can help keep your home safe while you are away. We’ve come up with a handy list of items to do before you head out the door for some rest and relaxation.


1)      Social Media Is Not A Place For Vacation Announcements:

Of course you might feel compelled to announce your amazing vacation plans over social media or load pictures of your adventures while you are still on your trip. However, sharing this information could put you and your home at a big safety risk. Keep your plans a secret from the world wide web and wait until you get home to update Facebook with all those amazing pictures you took while you were away.


2)       Ask a Friend Or Neighbor For Help:

Having someone you can trust check in on your home is always helpful if you plan to be away for an extended vacation. They can help put your trash can out on garbage day, bring in your mail, or make sure newspapers don’t sit in your driveway. Be sure to give them a key instead of leaving one in a hiding place that someone can get to. Also be sure they have their own alarm code for your alarm system. It also won’t hurt to bring them back something special from your trip as a thank you for their help.


3)      Update Your Call List:

If you have a monitored alarm system, be sure to make any necessary changes to the call list while you will be away. It won’t be helpful to call your cell phone if you are on a cruise ship and won’t be reachable. Instead you might consider placing a friend or family member that will be able to gain access to the house moved temporarily to the top of the list.


4)      Pull The Plug:

Unplug your television, computer, and other appliances to help protect them from power surges. Many appliances use power even when they’re turned off, so saving power while you are away is always helpful.


5)      Test Your Alarm System:

Did you know you are supposed to test your alarm system monthly? It’s something a lot of home owners overlook. Testing your alarm before a vacation is always a safety must! Don’t wait until the morning of your vacation though! You never want to realize your alarm system is having trouble, but not have time for a service call. Instead we recommend testing your alarm a few days before it’s time to leave.