The Latest In Smart Home Technology


How is a smart home different from a normal home? This question is becoming increasingly common, because as technology advances, our world is becoming more and more interconnected. This is exactly what differentiates a smart home from a normal home: a smart home connects all of your technology and allows you to manipulate each individual device at the touch of a button.

Smart homes make life easier, convenient, and most importantly, safer. You can not only control your T.V. or audio systems; you can also lock doors, adjust lighting, and view video surveillance footage right from your phone. With smart home technology, you and your family can live a more comfortable and secure life. Here are some of the latest advances in today’s smart home technology;

Control4 Smart Home

Control4 Smart Home brings all of your smart devices such as thermostats, door locks, and light bulbs together and allows you to control them through an app on your smartphone. You can control your individual devices, or even set up a schedule for your entire home through Control4.

In addition to overall control of your home, Control4 provides you the opportunity for limitless immersive entertainment. You can control your entire media cabinet with a single remote controller, allowing you to stream videos, watch movies, play games, listen to music, and more from your favorite media platforms like Netflix, Hulu, and Spotify.

Control4 Smart Home also offers a service called Smart Lighting, where you can control your home’s lights to create an aesthetically pleasing internal ambiance to complement your home décor, or even create the impression that your home is occupied to improve home security.


ClareHome is a smart home program that simplifies home automation, allowing you to access popular applications that control video surveillance, door locks, security, garage door control, lighting, home audio, climate, and video entertainment. ClareHome makes home automation easier with its ability to unify multiple systems, allowing you to control and manage all of your home’s technology from one platform. Having a smart home can make life much easier by freeing you from the monotonous tasks that need to be done every day around the house but are easily forgotten.

Smart homes are compatible with your lifestyle, and allow you to make changes at the touch of a button. However, smart homes can play a large role in the safety of you and your family. By including a home security system in your home’s smart interface, you’ll allow your family to not only enjoy a comfortable lifestyle but to also remain safe and sound.

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