The Essentials of Business Security


It's estimated that crime costs businesses billions of dollars every year. Bearing this fact in mind you can clearly see that it's more important than ever to keep your business secure. Unfortunately, installing an alarm and a few security cameras isn't enough these days as savvy criminals can work around that.

Business security is an ongoing process and you must continually gauge the strength of your security measures if you want to keep your assets safe. Here is some essential information on business security and why you should make it a habit.

Be Proactive

The most important aspect of business security is being proactive. Clever criminals are always looking for new targets and new ways to take advantage of your business, whether that be through a weakness in your physical security system or a vulnerability that allows them to steal information from your computers.

Always be vigilant and remember that securing your business is a long-term project. Trust us, the peace of mind is worth the extra effort.

Assess Your Situation

Before you can determine how to improve your security, you need to know where your weaknesses lie. Know the entry points to your building and how easy it is to access them. Are there any entrances without alarm systems installed?

You should also know the location of security cameras and any blind spots they might have. It's important that all doors and windows are adequately monitored in order to spot potential intruders. Even if you think a window might be too tight of a fit, you'd be surprised what a motivated criminal can do.

Connect With Your Community

You've probably heard of neighborhood watch programs, but the concept of a business watch may be new to you. A business watch involves businesses and law enforcement in a community coming together to reduce the crime in their area.

Business watches can be helpful for reducing crimes like shoplifting, theft, and vandalism. It can also provide a way for business owners to get educated about methods of crime prevention and the latest in business security technology.

Law enforcement are generally happy to help a local business out by answering questions and providing support. Remember, they have just as much of an incentive to keep your business safe as you do, it's their job after all!

Consider Everything

A criminal breaking into your building in the dead of night to steal something is probably the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of a crime against your business, but it isn't the only thing you need to consider.

Natural disasters like floods, fires and hurricanes can cause widespread power outages and leave your business in a vulnerable position if you aren't prepared. This is why it's important to have an alarm system that you can count on, even if the power goes out.

Employee theft is also responsible for a surprisingly large portion of business losses. You can use tools like employee keycards and interior door locks to control employee access and keep track of where your employees are at any given time.

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