The Best Business and Home Security Company in Winter Park Florida

J&J Security is proud to be the preferred choice for home security and business security in Winter Park, FL. As a local resident, you’ve likely seen our stickers in the windows of Park Avenue businesses like Current, John Craig, Tuni’s, Kennedy’s and more. Our sign is also in front of Keke’s and Floyd’s 99 on Fairbanks.

You love these businesses, and they love us! Our excellent reputation and superior products have convinced the owners of these excellent businesses to choose J&J Security to protect their businesses and homes.

Do you want to know why else they love us?

  1. SURELINK offers them complete control of their security system! Our SURELINK technology allows homeowners and businessowners to access their security system from their smartphone or computer from anywhere in the world.
  2. Cellular communicators ensure that their alarm systems will function even if a criminal cuts the phone line.
  3. Our systems are customized to meet their needs. We offer custom security solutions to ensure that the homes and businesses of our customers are protected.
  4. Prompt, local service ensures that their system can be serviced quickly.
  5. We patronize their businesses. Businesses that do business with J&J Security can expect to see the owners and employees of J&J Security, their families, and their friends in the checkout line. We strongly believe in supporting the businesses that do business with us.

Call us today at 877-532-SAFE (7233)! We’ll be glad to protect your Winter Park home or business with a professionally installed and monitored alarm system!