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The Home Automation Backbone

A home network is the backbone of any and all AV systems. Whether you are installing a home automation system yourself or having a professionally installed system, it is vitally important to have professional grade networking equipment for the automation to run smoothly. If you want your lighting scenes to be triggered exactly when they are supposed to, to control your home theater, or to turn on your favorite music you need a strong network.

Consumer grade routers that you get from your Internet Service Provider or the ones you get from your local electronic store, cannot handle the amount of data traffic that will need to pass through and will prove to be unreliable. When too much traffic passes through your router the CPU and memory get overloaded and your router will crash. The magic fix is to reset the router but how many times will it take for you to do that before you get sick of it?

What all home automation systems need is an enterprise grade router. These routers are not created in China with cheap parts or designed just for the highest possible profit margin in mind. They are not just good enough for the mass market consumer. Enterprise grade routers have the fastest CPUs and the most memory and they are designed to be future proof. They are not only going to support the devices you have now but the new devices that might be invented five years from now. These routers will be able to stream UHD/4K contents, music, and allow you to surf the web all at the same time all through their gigabit ports.

One of the biggest benefits of getting an enterprise grade network device is the support you will receive. You will be able to go directly to the installer that you bought your router from with any issue instead of having to wait on hold with tech support for an hour to get someone that does not really know what they are talking about. This installing dealer will not only be trained but certified to handle almost any problem you run into. If there is ever an issue that you run into that cannot be quickly fixed, then the installer will work directly with engineers with the manufacture to make sure the issue is resolved.

At J&J Security we offer enterprise networking solutions for both homes and businesses. If you want to discuss your network needs in more detail, please feel free to give us a call.


Quick Tips We Want All Alarm System Users To Know:

We take great pride in helping to protect thousands of Central Florida families and businesses! Here are some helpful reminders to consider when it comes to your alarm system.

1)    Update Your Call List: We can’t tell you how many times customers make a changes that involve their emergency contact list and forget to update us. Protecting our customers is our top priority and to help us provide you with the best protection and service possible it is crucial you update us when changes are made. Maybe that trustworthy neighbor moved away, or your wife got a new cell phone number… keep us in the know so when we call out on an alarm event we can reach the right people at the right time!

2)      You Can Have Multiple Codes: Did you know we can program numerous codes into your system to help identify what user armed or disarmed your system? Don’t give out your master code to your housekeeper or babysitter. Instead let us know that you need additional user codes programmed in for you and we will be happy to assist!

3)      Get An Insurance Certificate:  If you have a monitored alarm system you should take advantage of the savings that most insurance companies offer you for that level of protection. Insurance companies see the value in having a system that is monitored and often pass savings on to you, anywhere from 5-20%! Call our office and we can send over a certificate at your request.

4)      To Chime Or Not To Chime: Some customers love it, and some customers prefer that it is turned off. The chime that happens when a door or window is opened can be easily turned on or off. We often see that businesses and families with young children like to know when a door is opened and other people prefer to not be bothered. It’s often as easy as entering your four digit code followed by the “chime” button to turn that feature on or off.

5)      TEST YOUR SYSTEM MONTHLY: We always like to remind our customers that testing their system is an important way to make sure that your equipment is reporting properly. If you make any changes to your phone provider you also want to make sure you call in to test the system right away…don’t wait until after an alarm event to realize that something is wrong. Testing your system isn’t difficult and can easily be done with just a phone call into our office. Let us know you want to test your system and we will make sure that everything reports in properly while making sure that the alarm signals aren’t dispatched on during the test. 

6)      Go Interactive: With most people having smart phones today, we like our customers to know about our interactive services. You can access a digital keypad on your phone to arm and disarm your system and get text alerts when your children get home from school. All this and more is possible thanks to our interactive services from At just a few dollars more every month this feature is very popular with our customers and so many wish they knew about it sooner!