summer heat

Dangers of Summer Heat

Summer has officially started and with that brings summer heat and the danger of both heat exhaustion and heat stroke. Do you know the difference between the two? Would you be able to spot the sign and symptoms of either or both of the conditions? If not, we’ve got you covered! Knowing the signs, symptoms and what to do could help you save a life.

Heat exhaustion and heat stroke are both caused by the same kind of scenario, but present very different symptoms. When you are outside playing or exercising in a hot and humid environment and your body becomes dehydrated you can fall victim to heat exhaustion and heat stroke.  It is important to know the difference between the two so you know what to do and when medical attention is necessary.


Heat exhaustion can present the following symptoms:

-a fever (no higher than 104 degrees)


-excessive thirst

-heavy sweating



-a slow heartbeat

-muscle aches

-cool and clammy skin

Treating heat exhaustion is crucial, because if untreated it can lead to the more serious condition known as heat stroke. So if you think you or someone you know may be suffering from heat exhaustion be sure to get to a cool air conditioned environment, drink plenty of water, rest, remove tight or unnecessary clothing and if possible take a cool bath or shower. If symptoms don’t improve within 15 minutes, seek emergency medical attention.

If heat exhaustion is left untreated it can result in the very serious life threatening condition, known as heat stroke. It happens when the body’s temperature rises and the cooling system stops working. A sign of heat stroke is when your body is no longer producing sweat. (Remember sweat is your body’s way of cooling down your body’s temperature). Heat stroke has the following signs and symptoms:



-a rapid heart rate

-hot and dry skin

-decreased urination

-shortness of breath

Heat stroke is the most serious form of heat injury and is a MEDICAL EMERGENCY. Do not wait to see if your symptoms improve with rest and water. If you suspect someone has a heat stroke, call 911 immediately. Heat stroke can cause death or cause serious injury to the brain and other organs.

So how can you try and prevent becoming a victim of heat exhaustion? When the heat is high it’s always best to stay indoors in air conditioning. If you are outside, be sure to wear sunscreen, drink extra fluids, avoid caffeine and alcohol, and wear lightweight and light colored clothing and a wide brimmed hat. Stay safe and stay cool in the summer sun! 


Ways to Save on Those Hot Summer Days

Summer is here and the heat is going into full effect. In Florida we all know how unbearably hot it can get and cooling yourself off indoors can mean expensive energy bills. With our smart home, energy management solutions instead of wasting money, you can use your home’s power in the most efficient ways so you can save on those costly summer bills. You will be able to save money every month without even raising a finger.



How much exactly can you save by adding smart devises to your home? Studies have shown that consumers can save 10% on their monthly summer cooling and winter heating bills.

Through platforms like and Control4, J&J Security offers a wide range of smart home solutions including; thermostats, lighting control, and control over your appliances.

Save When You Are Not Home

Let’s face it, most of the day when it is the hottest outside, we are not home therefore we are wasting money when the thermostat is left at 75 degrees. Sure you can manually adjust the thermostat before you leave but many people will forget to and even if you don’t you will come home to a uncomfortable house. That’s never fun after a long day of work.

With our smart thermostats your home can detect that you are home or away in two ways. The first is we can integrate the thermostat into your alarm system. That way every time you are your thermostat to away the thermostat adjusts up and then when you disarm the system it adjusts back down.

The second way your home will know when you are home or away is through geo-fencing (through your smart phone). Your system will know your location and whether you are in your home. When the last person leaves with their smart phone the temperature adjusts up. When you are your way home the thermostat will go back down and by the time you return home your house will be at a cool and comfortable temperature.

Why did you leave the door open? Were you raised in a barn?

Growing up I heard this phrase all the time when I would leave the door open. Kids are always running in and out of the house during the summer and constantly forget to shut the door behind them. Don’t waste money trying to cool your house while these doors are open.

Don’t worry, there is a smart solution that can help you. With’s auto-setback feature your home will know when an outside door is left open and will adjust your thermostat temperature up. Then when the door is shut again the temperature will go back down and your home can cool off efficiently.

Don’t Do the Impossible

During the hottest of summer days, it can be nearly impossible to keep your home in the mid to low 70s. The lower you want the temperature in your home, the harder your AC unit has to work. If you would like, on those days that are 95 degrees or hotter your system can stay just a few degrees higher saving you tons of money on your electrical bill. Even though your home is a few degrees warmer than normal you will hardly even notice the difference since it will still be much cooler then it is outside. When it cools off at night the system knows and will adjust your thermostat back to its normal level. 

More Ways to Save

With additional smart home devices like lighting control and appliance modules you can save even more on your monthly bills. Smart lighting can even be set up to know when you are in the room and when you are not so the lights can turn on and off automatically. Please feel free to contact us if you would like more information on ways you can add smart home solutions to your home.