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Why is My Smoke Detector Beeping?

Is Your Smoke Alarm Beeping?

Have you ever had that dreaded experience where you wake up to a loud chirping sound in the middle of the night? You then realize you’ve waited too long to change your smoke detector batteries. We always recommend being proactive and changing the batteries in your smoke detectors twice a year to avoid that dreaded experience as well as ensure your family is protected.  3 out of 5 home fire deaths result from fires in homes without working smoke alarms, so make sure you are testing them (once a month when you test your alarm) and changing the batteries (twice a year) before they get low. An easy way to remember is to do it when we adjust our clocks forward for daylight savings and again when we move them back.  Smoke detectors are an important life safety device and making sure your home has monitored smoke detectors helps keep you and your loved ones safe. Every second counts when dealing with a fire. Monitored smoke detectors can take care of alerting authorities so you can focus on getting you and your family out fast.

For Non Monitored Smokes:

1.       Remove the cover of the smoke detector.

2.       Replace the battery.

3.       Close the cover.

4.       Test the detector. Press the button on the detector to make sure the battery is working. (You should hear a chirp or beep)

 For MONITORED Smoke Detectors:

1.       Call your alarm company to place the system on test.  Let them know you will be changing out the batteries on your smoke detector.

2.       Remove the cover. Remove the body from its base by turning the detector body counterclockwise approximately ½ inch.

3.       Replace the battery.

4.       Replace the smoke detector body. Align the ridge of the body with the raised arrow on the base and turn the detector clockwise about ½ inch.

5.       Test the detector. Press the test button and hold it down for about 30 seconds and then release.

Remember that there are different models of smoke detectors, so if you need more specific instructions to assist you with changing out your batteries don’t hesitate to reach out to us so we can help you. We can also help you identify what kind of batteries are needed for your particular smoke detector. Also keep in mind J&J Security does offer a premium maintenance plan that covers battery replacement and annual system checks that include your smoke detectors.