pool safety

Pool Safety

Summer is about to begin and that means lots of time by the pool. While summer is a great time to relax and have fun, it’s also important that everyone stays safe. Sadly drowning is the leading cause of unintentional death for children between 1-4. 700 children under 14 die every year because of drowning and most of the time lack of proper adult supervision played a roll. Here are some important tips in regards to pool safety.

*Pools should be fenced off completely. Enclose pools with a self-locking and self-closing fence at least four feet high. Over half of all swimming pool drownings among children could be prevented by four sided fencing.  

*Install a pool alarm. They act as a great warning signal and can help save a life. Call our office today to learn more. (866) 532-SAFE

*Keep an inexperienced swimmer within arm’s length at all times even in shallow water. Also be sure to use life jackets that are approved by the Coast Guard. Do not use air filled or foam toys in place of life jackets for floatation support.

*If you are having a party by the pool, always have a designated adult in charge of watching the kids in and around the pool. That person should not take breaks to use the bathroom, get a snack, or get distracted in conversation unless someone else is taking over for them. Since this is the case it is always great to take turns and rotate out supervisors so everyone gets a chance to enjoy the party while also ensuring the kids are safe. Little kids drown quickly and quietly…they aren’t going to be screaming out for help. That is why constant supervision is key.

*Remember that kids who are swimming horizontally are usually just fine, it’s when they start to go vertical that they are struggling. Drownings are not as dramatic as shown in movies so they are easy to miss if you aren’t focused.

*Swimming lessons for children are important at an early age. Children as young as six months can be taught lifesaving self-rescuing skills in case they fall into a pool.  For a list of ISR approved instructors near you visithttps://www.infantswim.com/

*Learn CPR. You can help save a life in case of a pool or other life safety emergency. Remember to update your skills regularly. To get trained and certified visit http://www.redcross.org/ux/take-a-class