kids playing

Playground Safety

Yes it’s true….bumps and bruises are a part of childhood. However no one wants to see their child end up with a serious injury. Playgrounds are supposed to be a place for our children to have fun and use up their extra energy, but they can also be a place where children get hurt. Did you know falls are the most common playground injury; and in almost half of the cases, lack of supervision is involved? Active supervision is key for helping keep kids safe! Here are some other helpful tips to avoid unnecessary injury.


-          Look for playgrounds with shock-absorbing surfaces

-          Talk to your children about how crowding and pushing can be dangerous on playground equipment

-          Dress appropriately for the playground. Items like necklaces and scarves and even drawstrings can get caught in equipment and put your child at risk of strangulation.

-          Actively supervise children instead of using that time to catch up on emails or talk on the phone. It helps keep kids safe and also give you a special and fun way to bond with your children.

-          SHARE with us any helpful tips you have for playground fun and safety.