alarm hit by lighting

When Lightning Stikes...

Unexpected lightning storms can put a real dent in your plans. You might have plans to go to the beach or that event in the park. These things might be annoying but the fact of the matter is that lightning storms can cost you a lot of money if your home is not protected. There are about 1.45 million lightning strikes in Florida every year. Many of these strikes hit the electrical circuits in people’s homes. A home without the proper surge protection can lose a few of their electrical devices or everything depending on how direct the hit was. For some people this might cost them tens of thousands of dollars to replace.

Have no fear though, there are ways to protect your home in the event of a lightning strike. The first thing that I would recommend is making sure that your insurance company will pay out on a lighting strike. You might be saying, “well my deductible is pretty high and I don’t want them to raise my rate.” You are absolutely correct but it is still a good precaution because no method guarantees 100% that a lighting strike won’t affect the devices in your home.

  • Have professionally installed lightning rods that are properly grounded

  • Make sure your tall trees are a safe distance from your house

  • For your expensive appliances invest in a very good surge protector with a warranty

  • Unplug the easy to get to electronic devices

  • Do not talk on a corded phone in a lightning storm. 5% of people that were struck by lightning were talking on the phone.

  • Unplug your cable and internet from your cable modem. I have seen lightning strikes come through these lines and fry thousands of dollars in equipment.

In the event that your home is struck by lightning and it has damaged your security system, TVs, or any audio/equipment call us. We have worked with many insurance companies over the years and we will help you in the process of making a claim.