Steps to Ensure Pet Safety from a Potential House Fire

In 2008, the American Kennel Club (AKC) performed a study determining that 88 percent of all pet owners regarded their cats and dogs as being equal members of their respective families. Caring for your pets as you would a human family member can greatly reduce the chances of accidental fires. For example, never leave a pet unattended near an open flame, regardless if it’s a fireplace or a seemingly harmless candle.

Pet owners should take steps toward pet-proofing their homes. This is accomplished by locating areas where a pet may inadvertently cause a fire. Areas containing loose wires or gas stove knobs should be made secure as possible.

Young pets are particularly susceptible to starting fires simply by way of their playful nature. Therefore, they should be kept safely quarantined in areas of the home containing the least potential fire hazards.

Another important step in ensuring pet safety is to affix a notification on a visible window that details how many pets are inside. This is extremely important information for firefighters as it tells them when they have rescued all pets from the building. This information should always be kept updated.

Lastly, make sure all smoke detectors are in proper working order. Pet owners should consider smoke detectors that are monitored by J&J Security. This is the most reliable way to ensure yourself that the authorities will be called when you’re unable to be home.