Smart Solutions for Every Home


Over the past few years more and more homes have become smart homes. The convenience of having all these smart devices not only makes life easier but also makes your home more energy efficient. Even the simplest homes are adding smart devices with solutions starting as low as $99. In the past 3 years the average Control4 system has grown by 300%, by having over 40 connected devices in each home. Large homes have well over 200 connected smart devices.

Automation is becoming the norm for new homes. Just as people have always expected to have plumbing and electricity in a house, now they are expecting to have automation as well.

Lighting control is by far one of the most sought after features in a smart home. When surveyed, 75% home owners that had automation in their home said that the first feature they would add to a new home is smart lighting.

With Control4 you can tie everything in your home into an easy-to-use interface that will give you complete control. Music and TV have become the heart and soul of everyone’s home entertainment. Control4 expands these everyday activities with more customized sources of media. There are built in music apps for Tune-In, Pandora, Deezer, and Tidal just to name a few. You can easily integrate media players like Fusion Research, Kaleidescape, or Apple TV to stream your favorite TV shows and movies to every room of your house.

With the growing diversity of homes Control4 is being installed in (from small condos to mansions), they introduced a new family of smart home controllers known as the EA line. These three controllers bring home automation to new levels with their uncompromised performance.

EA-1 Single or Family Room Control – Starting at just $600.

The EA-1 delivers an extremely fast on-screen display that allows you to control all your entertainment devices for any TV. You can know simplify those multiple remotes for the TV, cable box, and Blu-Ray player, down to one single and easy-to-use remote. This versatile controller also has built in digital audio so you can stream all those built in audio sources to every room of your house.


EA-3 High Resolution Multi-Room Solution

The EA-3 was designed to handle multiple rooms of digital audio out of the box. This high resolution audio is sure to impress even the most critical of audiophiles. With this controller you can stream three different sources of digital audio at the same time, allowing everyone in the home to listen to what they want. In addition to the unparalleled audio solutions, with the EA-3 you can also integrate your lighting, security, thermostat, door locks, and much more.


EA-5 The Ultimate in Home Automation Solutions  

The EA-5 is by far the most robust controller that Control4 has ever released. It is perfect for those large projects with hundreds of lighting loads, shade controls, and pretty much anything else you want to integrate. This controller also boasts 5 different streams of digital audio all at the same time. I think this controller could handle even the biggest of systems you could dream up.


To learn more about Control4 and their new EA line, please give us a call at (866) 364-0030.

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