Security upgrades for the New Year.

With the New Year approaching, it might be time to reevaluate your security system and make some upgrades. When it comes to options, J&J Security Services is more like a made-to-order restaurant; we work with each of our clients to build the perfect security system for your family and business.

As described in a previous post, our systems are three-fold, providing burglary, fire and carbon monoxide protection. In addition to those vital aspects of a security system, we also offer additional features like secure video surveillance, mobile access and medical security options.

The dated method of using analog, or CCTV, to maintain video surveillance is giving way to the advanced method of IP video surveillance. This advancement allows for a quick installation, either from your old analog system or new IP network. It offers system scalability – add one camera at a time or hundreds, allowing for continuous growth, if needed. IP video surveillance opens a world of possibilities, like the ability to view high-quality, full-frame-rate video with ease.

In correlation with the IP surveillance, J&J also offers Total Connect- an interconnected system that allows you to view your video surveillance and system status from your computer and cell phone, so you always know what is going on. This feature also offers a virtual keypad, text and email alerts, automatic video notifications, and is available as a smart phone app.

Another great feature from J&J Security Services is IndePENDANT Plus- a water resistant pendant or belt clip available for you or a loved one living alone. This service offers 24/7 in-home help if you fall or have a medical emergency. If such a case were to happen, a J&J Security Professional can speak with the senior over a secure intercom unit, who can then get them the necessary help they need.

We offer the highest and most up-to-date technologies available in home security systems. Let us work with you to create the best security system for your needs, whether that includes video surveillance or more protection for an elderly loved one. Visit our website or call us today for more information on advanced security options.