Safety tips for at home and away.

Our security is often out of our control due to life’s circumstances. Ordinary things that occur, are typically random acts that can unfortunately affect us dramatically. How are we supposed to maintain peace of mind when we can only control our own actions?

Here are some things you can do to protect yourself at home, and away.

  1. When out and about, keep belongings and children close by.
  2. Immediately lock the car doors when in it, and keep them locked while driving.
  3. Don’t be hesitate to carry pepper or MACE with you, as a method of self defense. FL state law allows a person to carry a two ounce canister in public venues.
  4. When at home, keep all doors locked and security systems on.
  5. Keep an appropriate amount of lights on, to show that the home is occupied.
  6. Don’t open the door without recognizing who is there.
  7. This last one is something we should always do: Be aware of your surroundings, at home and away. If something or somewhere doesn’t feel right, get out of there and protect yourself and those you are with.

Peace of mind is something we all hope to have and maintain every day. Doing these simple things will help ensure your safety no matter where you are. For more information on security options for your home and business, visit our website or call us at 877-532-SAFE (7233).