Recent house fires spur reminder for fire safety.

A house fire may not be a big concern for you right now. You may live in a newly constructed home, keep your vents clean, and stay close to the stove while cooking. Every year, however, there are more than 350,000 house fires that destroy properties and lives across the United States.

The leading cause of house fires start from cooking accidents, 40 percent starting in the kitchen. Whether it be from a grease fire, a towel catching on fire, or something of the sort, cooking fires are serious and dangerous. The second leading cause of house fires is heating related. Most heating-related fires occur during the winter (December- March). These fires aren’t typically caused by a problem with the furnace, but rather space heaters catching other material on fire. Hot spots (candles and electrical issues), as well as smoking and improper use of matches are also causes of house fires.

Just the other day, a fire completely destroyed a two-story house and took the life of the family dog. Here’s a picture of the devastating fire:

With the scary possibility of a house fire, there are some things you can do to maintain peace of mind.

1. Regularly check smoke detectors. Smoke detectors/alarms should be checked every month to make sure batteries are good and they are still working. Smoke detectors should be replaced every 10 years, consider having yours replaced if they are old.

2. Blow out candles, unplug electrical extension cords, and maintain safe electrical habits.

3. Do not smoke indoors. If you do, use a sturdy, solid ashtray to completely put out the cigarette.

4. Keep matches, candles and lighters out of child’s reach. Teach children fire safety.

5. Never leave the kitchen when cooking. Keep towels and other flammable objects, like loose clothing away from any heat or flame source.

You might also consider monitored smoke alarms from J&J Security. These smoke alarms are an additional preventive action you can take to ensure the safety of your family. It takes just three and a half minutes for the inside of a house to reach over 1000 degrees. If a house fire were to occur, get out immediately. Don’t take any chances, protect your family and loved ones with monitored smoke detectors from J&J Security. Visit our website for more information.