Protect Your Dog From a House Fire

Recently, we conducted a poll amongst Central Florida canines (dogs for the layperson). It turns out that they’re just as scared of having their homes broken into as you are. Their lack of the motor skills required to dial 9-1-1 in the event of an emergency leaves them feeling very vulnerable.

And while the thought of having to fight off a burglar makes them piddle, the majority of the dogs being polled indicated that their biggest fear is a house fire. In fact, while they’re not ready to give up their bacon strips just yet, 90% of them said they’d give up a few milk bones a month for the added safety of monitored smoke detectors from J&J Security.

The idea of surveying pets seems silly, but the comedy is starkly contrasted by a harsh reality. Each year, more than half a million pets die in house fires. When you’re not home, non-monitored smoke detectors are nothing more than a terrifying send off for your fluffy friends. J&J Security’s monitored smoke detectors will ensure that the fire department is dispatched to save your little buddy.

If you love your pets, and we know you do, it’s time to call J&J Security at 877-532-SAFE (7233). You can also fill out the form on our homepage. We’ll be glad to help you protect your four-legged family members!