Protect Your Business With These 5 Commercial Security Tips


You've worked hard to build up a business that you're proud of, and you don't want that taken away from you. That's why you're here reading about commercial security. The truth is that there's no magic bullet solution for keeping your business secure, but there are steps that you can take, starting today, to reduce the likelihood that your business assets will fall into the hands of a criminal.

1. Maintain Access Control

You'd like to think that all of your employees are trustworthy, but the truth is that internal theft or employee misconduct is a security risk for businesses both big and small. It isn't always malice either. An employee with access to an area he has no business being in is a security risk whether he means harm or not. That's why it's important to maintain access control with robust control infrastructure like key cards, pins, and employee movement monitoring.

Also, don't forget to remove access for ex-employees. That includes user accounts, key cards, pin numbers, and anything else that might give the ex-employee access to business property.

2. Keep The Premises Well Lit

Proper lighting will not only decrease the likelihood of a break-in, it will also keep employees who work at night from stumbling around in the dark and injuring themselves. Even if your business doesn't operate at night, it's important to keep the area well lit to give the illusion that someone might be there.

Motion lights are a great commercial security tool as well, as the sudden blast of light is often enough to make a criminal lose their nerve and abandon the burglary.

3. Fully Utilize Your Security Cameras

You may already have security cameras, but are you using them to full effect? Modern security camera infrastructure is capable of some amazing things, including 24/7 monitoring via smartphone and automatic cloud backups of security footage. With security cameras like these you never have to be in the dark about what's going on at your business.

4. Use Safes

Safes are a must have for your business. You can never be 100% certain that you wont be the victim of a robbery, and in the unfortunate event that you are you need a safe to protect your assets. A good safe will not only protect against brute force attempts to get it open, it will also be fireproof. Finding the right safe can be difficult and it isn't always a cheap investment, but it's certainly a wise one.

5. Install A Quality Alarm System

Nothing will protect your business like an alarm system. Studies show that buildings with alarm systems are significantly less likely to be burgled than those without. Modern alarm systems don't just safeguard against burglaries, they can also warn you of smoke, fires, and floods as well. With a professionally installed alarm system you will have peace of mind knowing that your business is being protected 24/7.

Partner with J&J Security and you won't need to make the security of your business your full time job, because we'll make it ours. Please contact us today to learn more about securing your business. We offer affordable commercial security systems including security cameras and alarms with 24/7 professional monitoring services.