Protect your belongings with SmartWater

There are several ways to keep your home and belongings safe, and it looks like the Orlando Police Department has found another new method to do just that.

In addition to security systems, surveillance cameras and the simple task of recording serial numbers and taking pictures of valuables, you can now use an invisible, non erasable “ink” to mark your belongings. With SmartWater, a “high-tech liquid designed to invisibly mark property so it can later be identified if stolen” concerned and proactive individuals can get a vial of their own SmartWater to mark up to 60 of their valuables.

The SmartWater claims to dry quickly and invisibly, leaving no residue. It cannot be removed with heat, sunlight or even acidic components, and is safe to put on your most precious items like jewelry. This technology could help the police safely identify stolen property and return it to its rightful owner.

The police have begun to distribute the magic liquid, originally from the UK, and have more ready for the public. To fund this new security measure, the authorities are using money seized from drug dealers; around $5000 so far. If the demand is there for this technology, the police can use more seized money to acquire and distribute the product that may retrieve your stolen property.

If marking your valuables with SmartWater is not a viable option when it comes to security, you may want to consider a misting system in which predators would be marked with SmartWater upon breaking and entering. This would help the police track and identify alleged criminals.

Whether or not this is something you and your family would be interested in, it’s nice to know that technology and the local authorities are doing everything they can to better protect and secure your home and belongings, just like J&J Security does every day.

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