NVR Vs DVR: Which is the best for your home or business?


Every day we get calls from perspective customers looking to purchase a camera system to protect their home or business. There are so many options on cameras that sometimes it is hard to make a decision on which to buy. About 10 years ago almost all, home or small business, camera systems were comprised of analog cameras and a traditional analog DVR. These cameras had, average at best, video quality and they were expensive for the average person to buy. A regular four camera system could cost over $5,000 and the cameras had around 480 lines of resolution. The picture quality was clear during the day but nighttime resolution was inadequate.

The quality of cameras dramatically improved once iP cameras and NVRs were introduced. With these cameras came high definition video and crystal clear pictures. The problem was that these cameras came with a higher cost. In the recent year’s camera prices have come down substantially on the iP cameras and now the average home or small business owner can afford to get them installed. This has put an end to traditional analog camera systems.

So most of you are probably thinking that you should definitely go with the iP Cameras, but wait, there is more. A few years ago, a new era of analog cameras was born called CVI. These cameras provide HD quality video for an even more affordable price then iP. The great thing about these cameras is that they use traditional coax wire connection which means that you can retrofit them to old camera installations with little effort. The first generation supported 720P HD resolution but now the new one’s support 1080P and better resolutions.

The best part about the new CVI Video Recorders is that they are tribred recorders. These recorders not only record CVI cameras but also iP and even older analog cameras as well. These new recorders are wonderful if you want to just upgrade part of your system at first and part of it later.

So what’s the best? To me CVI wins out on value because you get a great picture for a very affordable price. These cameras are the best option for home and small business owners. Unless you need enterprise level features that come with iP cameras, it would be more cost advantageous to go with the CVI cameras and you will not be disappointed in the quality.

Please feel free to call our office if you have any specific questions on the differences between a DVR and NVR. We are here to support you and give you a free quote if you are interested.