How Our Partnership with Napco Security Enables Us to Deliver the StarLink Communicator

At J&J Security Services, we pride ourselves in keeping families like yours safe. That's why we take advantage of the latest technology to help protect you and your loved ones better than any other security company in Central Florida.  

One of the ways that we're able to keep your customers safe with cutting edge technology is through our partnership with Napco Security. For over 35 years, Napco Security has been a leading manufacturer of a variety of security products. While Napco Security is responsible for developing technology to detect intrusion and fire as well as strengthen security through video, wireless, and access control technology, Napco Security has become extremely well known for its StarLink Communicator. Since we use this technology to keep our customers' residences and businesses safe, we wanted to take a moment to elaborate on the StarLink Communicator.

We understand that our customers appreciate the convenience that home automation offers, and the StarLink Communicator enables us to deliver this. First of all, a StarLink Communicator is a 2-way radio that uses a cellular signal, so there's no disruption in protection due to a power outage or if phone lines are to be cut. And because the StarLink Communicator relies on a cellular signal to communicate, you don't have to deal with the hassle of wires.

The StarLink Communicator app can be downloaded onto a smartphone or tablet to allow the customer to conveniently arm and disarm the alarm system remotely. The ability to manage security remotely gives our customers the peace of mind that they can still secure their home or business even if they initially forget to set the alarm when they walk out the door. Another great example where remote access to home security comes in handy is for parents that have children arriving home alone from school. Parents can temporarily disarm the alarm system while at work to let their children into the home, and the alarm system can then be reactivated to help ensure their safety.

If you're interested in learning more about the StarLink Communicator and how Napco Security continues to enhance this product to strengthen security for residences and business and provide convenience, please contact us at J&J Security Services. Our partnership with Napco Security enables us to deliver the most cutting-edge technology to our customers, which allows us to follow through with our commitment to keeping families just like yours safe.