Maintain Independence and Safety with PERS

The cycle of life shows us that we grow older every day. The people that once took care of us, we begin to take care of later in life. As much as one may resist, elderly often cling to their independence in an attempt to remain youthful, but the reality is, they need to be helped, too.

J&J Security now offers a different kind of home security, ideal for the elderly, or those living alone, who need or desire some additional services. Known as a PERS or Personal Emergency Response System, these compact, efficient pendants can be worn as a necklace or on a belt clip.

Interconnected to the home phone line or home security system, a PERS is one of the safest, most effective safety measures an elderly person can take. In case of any sort of emergency, be it a harmful accident like a fall, or a burglary or fire, the PERS can help the individual get the help they need.

Most PERS have a simple, large button the individaul can press when needed, allowing the senior to speak with a trained security professional at one of the monitoring centers. The professional can then converse with the individual to determine what help is needed. The professional can then contact necessary emergency services, or even a relative or neighbor authorized to be contacted in case of emergency.

Just like all J&J Security products and services, the PERS system is active 24/7. There are no “off” hours where you may not get through when you need help. The small monitor is also powered by standard batteries, allowing a quick and inexpensive change as needed. Additionally, the device is water-resistant, and can therefore be taken in the bath or shower, ensuring continuous access to help.

With the large number of individuals living longer, and more independently than ever before, adding a PERS system to your security services makes sense. Whether you’re the individual looking for additional security measures, or you are looking for additional support for a loved one, J&J Security can help.

This post was spurred by a missing 81 year old woman in Volusia living alone. Visit our website for more information on security systems, or contact us at 877-532-SAFE(7233) today for more information on a PERS system.