J&J Security’s Guidelines for Starting a Business Watch Program In Central Florida

Business Watch programs have proven to be beneficial in protecting communities in Central Florida. Much like the Neighborhood Watch, it implements tactics towards keeping small businesses connected and safe through local efforts. The programs are beneficial for increasing and maintaining security and protection by allowing owners to be aware of what is happening in their community and decreasing chances of becoming a victim. It is fairly simple to begin a program in your area and a good choice to consider when looking for necessary added security.



    The first step is to establish the geographic region of where you want your program to be. Recognize how big will it be, which shops you want to includes and what types of stores could benefit from being involved. Take into account several factors that can influence crime, such as:

  • law enforcement services available

  • crime statistics

  • security systems, equipment or accessories present

  • types of stores or organizations (healthcare, financial, manufacturing, etc.)

  • hours stores are open

  • the store’s economic condition

  • a businesses’ reputation


    These factors above will influence whether or not a business will attract criminals. Next, create what exactly your program will do. Have a mission or something that you would like to accomplish, identify what the outcome should be and how you will measure progress. This could mean creating awareness or decreasing crime frequency within the area. This step allows employees to understand and participate fully.


    Another important step is to form partnerships and alliances. This means making connections with other businesses, and connecting this community of businesses as a whole to law enforcement. Establish individual roles in the program, based on their position within their business, expertise or talent, and their access to certain information.  

After you have both law enforcement and businesses involved, establish what exactly one should do to help the community and be active within the program. This can include night patrols to monitor criminal activity, teaching others how to implement security systems and accessories such as alarms and cameras, and knowing how to identify a dangerous situation properly and alert authorities. Each program may have a different goal based on the community’s security situation and crime rates, and can become successfully active once a strategy is developed. This comes after setting the goals, creating awareness to get others involved, developing a schedule, and having an efficient communication system - whether it be through email or telephone. Overall, Business Watch programs are a good option to consider in Central Florida when it is necessary to upgrade and enhance protection within your community.