J&J Security Presents: What Is a Business Watch Program?

 A business watch program is much like a Neighborhood Watch, but instead of neighbors looking out for each other it is a community of businesses and a partnership between law enforcement and businesses. The Business Watch is beneficial for many different aspects of protection and allows owners to be aware of what is happening in their community and decrease chances of becoming a victim. This Program can effectively help reduce crimes including shoplifting, theft, and vandalism around the businesses. Additionally, it informs locals about protecting their businesses and allows them to learn what measures to take regarding security. Owners are able to get advice about security and learn about the best technologies available when it comes to protecting their properties.

A Business Watch program creates connections between small businesses and forms an agreement with law enforcement to ensure protection. It is businesses (often with participating community groups) taking steps to reduce opportunity for crime in a specific local location. A successful group maintains the following key Program aspects: has communication between businesses and law enforcement, encourages cooperation among owners, teaches how to properly protect properties, watches over others businesses, and reports any suspicious activity. They also may develop a list of telephone numbers or emails to quickly inform everyone about crime. Overall, Business Watch programs, other than bringing higher levels of protection, allow opportunities to network with other businesses, offer employee education, and bring publicity regarding your establishment.  In these programs, police officers assist anyone involved in local businesses to:

  • learn how to report crime properly

  • effectively observe and record suspicious activities which could lead to crime

  • label equipment or machines with traceable numbers

  • add security measures to decrease robbery or burglary

  • deter criminals, detect activity, and alert the police

  • recognize dangerous and suspicious situations and how to protect oneself to prevent this

    Business watch programs, like a neighborhood watch, are beneficial in reducing crime and deterring criminals in an area. By making it known that there is a program present (signs on streets or shop windows), criminals are less likely to execute suspicious activity. It also can help track criminals and aid investigations, as higher security is present, and police are notified quickly. The programs have proven successful in reducing crime rates and protecting small businesses.