How to Use Landscaping to Deter Burglars


When most people think of ways to deter potential burglars, the first thing they think of isn’t typically their landscaping. Since most burglaries are conducted by teenagers within a few miles of your home, not professional thieves, using your landscaping to make your home a less appealing target can be highly effective.

Here are a few things to consider when evaluating your home’s landscaping and security:

Are Your Plants Helping Or Hindering?

When bushes and hedges are overgrown, they can provide excellent cover for burglars. Particularly if they are placed in an area where the over growth conceals the entry points into your home. By keeping your hedges and bushes trimmed to three feet or shorter, you can help avoid the possibility of a burglar using them for cover.

In order to further inconvenience burglars, you might also consider intentionally planting less inviting plants beneath windows. Considering plants with thorns or other prickly characteristics can easily deter burglars who aren’t willing to waste time avoiding the plants when trying to enter the home. There are a wide variety of plants native to Florida which will fill these needs, as well as other plants such as roses or pineapples that will do the job. Obviously you’ll still want to be able to exit your home in an emergency, so don’t go overboard and build a wall of thorny rose bushes beneath every window in your home.

Keep Burglars From Sneaking Up

The most important way to deter burglars from making your home a target is to make it clear that your home is not going to be an easy target. Most burglars want to make their entry in less than 60 seconds, and be in and out in less than 10 minutes. If a burglar looks at your home and sees a tall privacy fence, overgrown bushes hiding entry points, and quiet grass around the home, they likely realize that it will be easy for them to conceal their actions.

Ensuring that your property has an appropriate level of lighting, that windows and doors are always secured, and that a burglar’s approach will not be silent can go a long way to making your home less of a target. Accent lighting that is bright enough for your neighbors to see someone sneaking around, but not so bright as to create dark shadows wherever the light doesn’t hit, can make your entry points less appealing. Using gravel as a ground cover on paths and under windows can make it more difficult to approach your home without someone noticing.

If you value your privacy and feel that privacy fences and large hedges are necessary for your home, then it’s important to ensure that any concealed entries are well secured in other ways. A home security system will meet these needs with window and door sensors should a burglar brave the odds, but having a security system at all makes your home less likely to be broken into. This is especially true if you utilize the signs and stickers that most security companies provide. The possibility that your home is protected by a security system is often enough to send a burglar elsewhere. To learn more about ways to proactively avoid home burglaries, contact J & J Security.