How to Secure Your Doors and Make Them Burglar-Proof


While some people may envision burglars creeping through the windows in the dead of night, in reality many burglars simply walk through the front door in broad daylight. Your doors are the main point of entry into your home, so it’s important to take steps to make them burglar-proof.

Doors need to be solid

Solid wood is your best bet as it will make it harder for burglars to kick it in. If you choose fiberglass or metal you need to make sure that it is reinforced to prevent burglars from prying it open with a car jack.

Windows look nice, but are a point of entry

If there are windows on your front door burglars can simply smash them and reach over to unlock your door. If you buy a door with a window, make sure it’s out of reach of the door locks and look for reinforced glass.

Keep the sight-line open

Landscaping is all well and good, but shrubs and trees shouldn’t impede the line of vision. Keep them trimmed back away from doors and windows so that a burglar doesn’t have cover while trying to break in.

Bump up your deadbolt

If your lock doesn’t extend far enough into the frame it really doesn’t matter how sturdy your door is because it can still be kicked in. Opt for a better quality deadbolt, as this is not the place to skimp. Chain locks can be used in addition to deadbolts, but they’re no substitute. Make sure they’re firmly attached to the door frame with strong screws.

Speaking of the door frame

If you’re serious about reinforcing your door, consider installing a deeper box strike in place of the flimsy standard strike plate. This should be screwed all the way into the wall studs rather than just the doorjamb. You can also reinforce your doorjamb with galvanized steel that can withstand physical efforts at breaking down your door.

Sliding glass doors

These should absolutely be reinforced, or impact-resistant hurricane glass, as they’re a very attractive entry point for burglars. Since their locks are easily picked, you can reinforce them by placing a dowel or other piece of wood in the track which will keep it from opening when you don’t want it to. Make sure they’re locked and covered by curtains so that would-be burglars don’t have an uninterrupted view of the inside of your home.

Lock it Up

None of this matters if you leave your door unlocked. Make sure everyone knows to lock the door every time they leave, and under no circumstances should you leave a spare key in a rock by your front door. Everyone knows you don’t just have a rock sitting on your porch for no reason.

In addition to these steps, there are many ways your home security system can help make your home a more difficult target. Contact J&J Security today to learn more about how you can make your home less attractive to burglars.