How To Keep Your Home Safe While Travelling This Holiday Season


December is one of the busiest traveling seasons of the year. It’s also a busy time for burglars as there are a lot of empty homes which are frequently filled with nice new things to steal, and fires due to all those old lights you dug out of the attic. Fortunately there are some simple steps that you can take to help avoid a mishap while your family is traveling both pre-and-post holiday.

Don’t Announce That Your House Will Be Empty

Most people don’t think twice about posting their whereabouts on social media, but they really should. The truth is, you never know who is watching, even if your social media accounts are private. A friend can like your post and then a friend of a friend can see it. It’s all very convoluted, so it’s best to avoid posting plans ahead of time. Friends and family will enjoy the stories and pictures just as much if they’re posted when you’ve returned from your trip.

Get A Housesitter

Speaking of friends and family, if you aren’t close with your neighbors you should ask a trusted friend or family member to watch your house for you if you’ll be gone for an extended period of time. They should bring your mail inside and make sure that newspapers and pennysavers are piling up in your driveway as these are obvious signs that someone is away. They should also check on your tree (if you have one) and make sure that it stays watered, as a dry tree is a huge fire hazard.

Don’t Make It Obvious That You’ve Got Good Stuff To Steal

This means discretely getting rid of the box for your new TV or gaming console. Break them down into pieces, and put them into a bag or trash can. Even if you have to dispose of these sorts of packages a little at a time. Even if you aren’t traveling, this is a good habit to form as most burglaries tend to happen during the day while most people are at work.

Watch The Lights

Christmas trees, especially as they dry out, are highly flammable. If you’ve never seen one go up in flames it can be hard to believe, but unless you keep it well watered it will burn faster than you think. Many people use bows from the tree to decorate with, and they can be just as flammable as these branches aren’t watered at all. Be sure to keep trees and branches well clear of any open flames (candles, fireplaces) or even Christmas lights if they’re older or haven’t been well maintained. You also need to check the water level in your tree stand daily. This is something that you can’t slack on. When the tree starts to dry out, it’s time to get rid of it. Don’t keep it around because the longer it dries, the faster it will burn.

If you’re looking to improve the safety of your home, contact J&J Security Services. We offer a variety of security solutions to fit your needs and keep your family safe this holiday season.