How to Deal with the Emotional Aftermath of a Break-in


Having your home broken into, even if you aren’t home when it occurs, can be unnerving. You’ll likely experience a myriad of emotions that you don’t know how to process. In order to return to a feeling of normalcy, it’s important that you understand how to move on from these feelings.

It’s perfectly normal to experience shame and guilt following a break-in. It could very well have been unavoidable, but you’ll still feel that there had to have been something you could have done to keep the sacred space that is your home from being invaded. You may be paranoid that a break-in will happen again, as well as sad or angry at the violation of your private space and the theft of irreplaceable items. These feelings will not magically go away on their own, so it’s important that you take steps to heal the hurt of a home invasion as soon as possible.

Make Repairs

Repairing the visual damage is an important first step towards healing the emotional wounds you’ll have following a break-in. Unless you remove and repair the damage, you’ll have a constant visual reminder of what occurred. Enlist the help of family, friends, or a cleaning service to get your home back in order while you work on repairing damage that may have occurred at the exterior entry point.

Secure Your Home

The feeling that the burglar will return isn’t entirely paranoia. If you were an attractive target before, you’re even more attractive now that they’ve found a way in and know their way around your house. Now, that isn’t meant to frighten you, but instead to legitimize your feelings that they could come back, because it is actually a possibility. The important thing is to actually take action to avoid this by investing in a security system and taking steps to make your home a less appealing mark. Making changes to landscaping, lighting, and the visibility of your security system will make a statement that your home is no longer an easy target.

Acknowledge and Accept Your Feelings

Recognizing that your feelings are perfectly natural will help you to process and move on. If necessary, make an appointment with a therapist who can talk you through the many emotions you’re experiencing. You should also try to keep your routines as much as possible, as the familiarity of your usual schedule can help you to feel normal again.

After a break-in, it can be hard to feel safe again. At J&J Security, we understand the sensitive nature of this situation and strive to create an experience that will leave you feeling confident in the safety and security of your family. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you defend your home.