How To Avoid False Alarms From Your Home Security System

How To Avoid False Alarms From Your Home Security System

Your home security system is designed to keep you and your family safe. The audible siren, combined with the work of your monitoring company, alerts neighbors and authorities to what could be an emergency situation. But false alarms, especially if they seem to be happening frequently, are disruptive and can be costly depending on where you live. Luckily, avoiding false alarms can be relatively simple as there are generally two sources of trouble; you and your motion detectors.


Human Error

This is the most likely cause of false alarms, and it’s also the easiest to fix. When you change the codes that activate and deactivate the alarm system, it’s imperative that you notify the other users immediately. This will avoid a situation where the other users in your home trigger the alarm due to simply not knowing the latest code. You should also avoid changing the code too often because then it’s much more likely that someone will use the wrong one and set off your security system.

Another common issue occurs when someone opens doors or windows without first deactivating the system, or tries to activate the system when doors or windows are still open. If you’re consistent in terms of when you use the system, and check with other users prior to changing the status of the home, the false alarms that result can be avoided.

Motion Detectors

Most motion detectors have adjustable sensitivity, so if the sensitivity is too high it could be picking up slight movement within the room. If there are objects too near, or those objects move (like curtains moving when the air conditioning kicks on) they can be picked up by the sensors. The same is true of pets. Your home security company should be able to advise you as to the best motion detectors to use for your particular situation, so that they’ll pick up on human movements, but ignore the midnight escapades of your cat or dog. By adjusting the sensitivity of your motion detectors, you can ensure that the security system can do its job without causing any inconvenience to neighbors or the authorities.

In order for your home security system to be as effective as possible, it’s important that you communicate with the other users in your home and with your security company. Through the use of wireless and automated systems, you can actually monitor and adjust your security system no matter where you are. Contact J&J Security to learn more about how we can help you customize your home security system to best fit your needs.