How to Avoid Being a Target This Summer


This summer season is a great time to get some much needed rest and relaxation by the beach. But while you're sipping from a cold drink and basking in the warm summer sun, there are burglars prowling through neighborhoods in search of easy prey—houses and cars that appear to be unsecured and unarmed. To avoid being targeted this summer, there are a few ways in which you can secure your home and car that can deter even the most persistent burglars. Here are a few tips on crime prevention to decrease your property's risk of being invaded;

Use home lighting strategically

If you live in an urban area, using lights in and around your home can be a good deterrent for robbers when implemented correctly. In order to maintain the appearance of normal human activity within your home even when you aren’t there, consider getting a timer that can autonomously control when your lights switch on and off. When using the timer, make sure to switch up the on/off pattern of your lights occasionally so that human presence within your home is even more convincing.

Secure your vehicle

Homes are not the only tempting aspects of your property to thieves—cars are also at risk for being targeted by robbers. In order to protect your vehicle, make sure to always keep it locked and to never leave valuable items within the car. If keeping items within the car is necessary, storing them in the trunk of your car is probably the best idea, as most car burglars don’t waste their time on popping the trunk. Additionally, an item you may not think to secure is the spare tire to your car. Chaining your spare tire down can prevent its removal from your vehicle. To further protect your car, if you can’t park in your garage, parking in a well-lit driveway or street will render your car even more unattractive to robbers.

Trim overgrown vegetation

Having vegetation such as tall shrubs, bushes, and even trees that conceal entryways into your home can make your house a more appealing target for burglars, because the overgrown plants can serve as cover and aid in a home invasion. By keeping your plants trimmed well enough to expose the entrances to your home, you can decrease the chances of your home being invaded.

Install a home security system

Although strategically implementing your home’s lighting, protecting your vehicle, and keeping your landscaping closely cropped are all good crime prevention techniques that can decrease your chances of being burglarized this summer, one of the biggest deterrents for potential burglars is a home security system. By installing and advertising a home security system, you can drastically decrease the chances of your home being invaded. Because each home is unique, asking a professional about which security system will fit you and your family best is a good step towards crime prevention in the home. To find out what kind of security system would be best for your home, contact us at J&J Security.