Home Security: Separating Fact From Fiction


There's a lot of advice floating around out there about home security, and sometimes it can be difficult to separate the good advice from the bad advice. So, when it comes to home security what's truth and what's fiction?

Fact: Burglars Want Privacy

This is an easy one. Of course burglars prefer not to be seen. What does that mean for you? Well, for starters keep your yard in order. Landscaping may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think home security, but it's important. Tall grass and untrimmed bushes provide great cover for criminal. Next time you go out to do some yard work pay attention to potential hiding spots and blind spots and eliminate them if possible.

Fiction: Most Burglaries Happen At Night

This may seem counter-intuitive. Burglars prefer privacy after all, right? Doesn't get less private than broad daylight. That's true, but they also want privacy from you, the homeowner. That means a burglar is much more likely to strike during the day when you are out at work than at night when everyone is home. Burglars are not looking for a violent confrontation here, they are looking for easy money with the least chance of getting caught. That means that peak times for burglary are actually between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m.

Fact: Deadbolts Are A Great Preventative

A burglar's goal is to get in and out as quickly as possible, so you should do anything you can to slow them down. Deadbolts are a great way of slowing down their entrance. A high quality deadbolt will stop them from getting in through the door altogether and after wasting time in one spot they are likely to give up and move on.

Fiction: A Dog Will Protect You From Burglars

The sad truth is that most burglars will have no problem disposing of a pet. That's assuming your pet will even be a hindrance in the first place. Unless it's a trained guard dog, which is more expensive than a security system by the way, you can never be sure how a dog will react to a break in. Although getting a dog might be better than doing absolutely nothing, it isn't something you should rely on to actually secure your home.

Fact: Alarms Deter Burglars

Your average burglar is not James Bond. They can't deftly slip past an alarm or cut a wire to disable the entire security system. Modern alarm systems are very powerful and have loads of built in redundancy. Most burglars know this, which is why if they see signs of an alarm they will forego the house altogether and move on to another target. Installing a security system and advertising it will do more for you than any other home security tip out there.

Fiction: Security Systems Aren't Affordable

Security systems are cheaper than they have ever been before and these days you can easily find a system within your budget. Even a bare bones home security system is going to provide ample protection. The return on investment is great as well. After all, what's more valuable than your safety?

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