Home Security Is Not Just About Your Possessions


When you think home security, some sinister burglar sneaking in to steal your things is probably the first thing that comes to your mind. It's true that protecting your home and valuables from intruders is one aspect of security. That isn't the whole story though.

A comprehensive home security plan won't just protect you from people it will protect you from your environment. In some cases it will even protect you from yourself. Smoke, fire, carbon monoxide, tripping and falling in the dark. These are all hazards that constitute a threat to your security.

Here's what you can do about them:

Fire Hazard

Home fires kill thousands of people every year. Usually it's the smoke rather than the fire, but whatever it is you need to be prepared. Make sure you have a fire safety plan in place and discuss it with your family. Everyone should know what to do, where to go, and who to call in the event of a fire. Practice makes perfect here. The more you drill this fire safety plan in the more likely it is that you'll stick to it if it really does happen. You should also be sure to change the batteries in your smoke detector regularly.

A Silent Killer

Carbon monoxide is a potentially deadly gas that is completely odorless and colorless. You literally won't see (or smell) it coming. It's responsible for hundreds of deaths every year and by the time you start exhibiting symptoms it could be too late, assuming you can even accurately diagnose your symptoms. So what can you do about this troublesome gas? Install and maintain a carbon monoxide detector. It's really that simple. A carbon monoxide detector will quickly alert you to dangerous buildups of CO. If it starts going off take it seriously. You should open doors and windows to allow air in then vacate your home and call a professional.

Watch Where You're Going

If you had to guess what the number one cause of death in the home was, what would it be? Fire would obviously be up there, but it isn't the answer. The answer is actually falling. The truth is that anyone can fall at anytime, it's not something that only happens to the elderly. Perfectly healthy adults can easily fall when moving through their homes in the dark.

You might say it's simple enough to turn on the lights, but when you wake up groggy in the middle of the night nothing seems simple. Night lights are also fairly ineffective, they simply don't provide enough light. Home automation is a much more elegant solution that isn't prone to human error. With automated lights installed in your home your nighttime trip to the bathroom or the kitchen is illuminated for you, and the lights can even turn off as you make your way through the home saving precious energy.

Comprehensive Home Security Plans Are The Way To Go

A comprehensive home security system will be more than just an alarm. It will protect against many of the eventualities we've discussed here. Even a basic system should involve protection against intruders, fire protection, protection against other environmental hazards and professional monitoring. You should still take additional steps to protect yourself and your family, but a home security plan provides a necessary foundation. 

At J&J security we utilize the latest in security technology to make your home a safer place to live. Please contact us today to read more home security tips and to check out some of our affordable home security plans.