Home Automation: The New Normal


We recently talked in great length about trends in home automation and if a smart home is a good fit for you.

If you do a little research, you'll find that there are hundreds upon thousands of different apps to make your home run more seamlessly, whether it's automatically adjusting your thermostat or locking the doors and arming the security system. The trouble is that is can be a little overwhelming having to manually manage all of these smart devices from your smartphone or tablet.

Understanding this, Control4 was created to orchestrate more than 9,000 of your favorite smart devices and allow all of these apps and solutions to work together in harmony. As a result, Control4 is able to create the ultimate smart home that delivers a personal experience in terms of comfort, convenience, entertainment, and peace of mind.

Control4 makes home automation the new normal by addressing these key areas:

Family Room Entertainment

With a single remote, Control4 enables you to have access to just about anything you could imagine in your media cabinet. This includes your favorite TV shows, movie collections, video streaming, video games, and your entire music collection.

Home Theater

We can help you to design the ultimate home theater room using immersive, high-resolution audio and video, superior surround sound, an enormous screen, and customized lighting to create an experience like no other home theater room offers. And, to take home automation to the next level, all of this can be controlled from just one device.

Multi-Room Audio

Home automation can change the way that you experience music by giving you the option to fill your entire home with your favorite tunes or enabling you to hear a specific playlist in just one room. Control4 allows you to interact with your favorite music on your smartphone, touch screen, or TV through your favorite streaming sources such as Pandora, iTunes, and TIDAL.

Smart Lighting

Lighting plays a role in setting the mood for a room and creating a safe and welcoming home. To demonstrate how Control4 uses smart lighting to create a very personal home automation experience, you can click a button for a "cooking scene," which automatically turns on a playlist of your choosing and brings up the kitchen lights while you're prepping for dinner. Another button could include a "goodnight scene," which automatically turns off the lights, locks the doors, and sets your alarm system.

Energy Management

Home automation can allow you to receive tangible savings on your utility bills through the use of smart technology. By being able to control your home's lighting and thermostat on-the-go, you'll use less energy while still maintaining a comfortable environment in your home while you're there.

As you can see, home automation can touch just about every aspect of your home, helping to create an enriched lifestyle and a comfortable environment. Please contact us at J&J Security to learn more about home automation and why this is becoming the new normal for homeowners in Central Florida.