Florida Crime Rates from 1960-2010

Florida’s population has grown tremendously over the past fifty plus years. In 1960, the state was home to 4,951,560 residents. By 2010, that number grew by an astonishing rate of over 300 percent to 18,801,310. Naturally, a high rate of growth brings many good and bad things to the area in question; Florida is no exception.

Criminals often attempt to avoid confrontations with their victims. As such, burglaries have always outnumbered robberies in Florida. For example, in 1960, there were 39,966 burglaries committed against only 4,005 robberies. Violent crimes during the same year numbered 11,061. Florida is home to many suburban neighborhoods that closely surround its major cities. Much of these suburban towns are well maintained with low crime rates and peaceful atmospheres. Burglars looking for an easy score find safety in these neighborhoods, just like those who live in them. Violent crimes tend to occur in violent areas while “professional” criminals are more attracted to less populated, tranquil areas.

This trend of burglaries being more common than robberies in Florida has continued to the present day. In 2010, 169,119 burglaries occurred, in comparison to 26,086 robberies. As population increases, so does crime. However, criminals will always be more attracted to the easier prey. Burglaries represent a criminal enterprise that has grown greatly because they offer a way of stealing while at the same time putting the offender at the least risk. If history is any indicator, the difference between the amount of burglaries and robberies will continue to increase. Floridian residents should take special caution in choosing the proper security system that’s right for them and their homes.