False Alarms

False alarms happen but they often happen due to user error or something that could be prevented. We don’t want our customers to have to deal with them and we don’t want to ever see frustrated with your system. Another reason for wanting to keep false alarms to a minimum is that police resources are limited already and we never want to see them wasted. Here are ways to help you avoid the hassle of a false alarm and help do your part to keep police officers free to respond to calls where they are needed.


-          Make sure ALL users are properly trained on using the system. (relatives, babysitters, house sitters, maids etc.)

o   Remember that you can have multiple codes programmed into your system to help identify who accessed your home. Just be sure to have us remove the codes if they should no longer have access to your home.

-          Be sure to update your emergency contact list with the monitoring company. We often get customers who change their cell phone number or do away with their home phone and forget to update us. Of if you are a business that has gotten rid of an employee who had a code and password we also need to know. You don’t want to realize you forgot to update the list until after an alarm event. Be proactive and CALL US when any changes are made.

-          Make sure all windows and doors are properly secured before arming the system. A door with a little too much give can easily activate an alarm if a strong wind or storm is present.

-          Make sure nothing is hanging near a motion detector and that they are always clear of dust and cobwebs.

-          Pets are part of them family and depending on their size and how they move around the home they can trigger an alarm event. Be sure to discuss any pets with your alarm installer and notify us if a new furry friend is joining your family.

-          Test your system regularly. We recommend once a month and always a few days before leaving on a vacation.

-          Service and maintain the system regularly. We offer amazing maintenance packages for our customers. Service fees with labor and parts can be costly, but a maintenance plan helps waive the cost and keep your system running in prime condition.