Easy Home Safety Tips for the Holiday Season

Despite all the joy the holiday season brings, you can’t allow yourself to become careless and nonchalant when it comes to home security. Unfortunately, crime rates tend to rise during this time as people are often much busier than normal, or are traveling for longer periods of time.

You might be wondering what you can really do to prevent a burglary or house fire. Here are some easy and effective home safety tips you can use, to ensure the utmost safety during the holidays.

  1. An obvious one, but often forgotten. Make sure all windows and doors are properly locked before leaving, even for a short period of time.
  2. If traveling for an extended amount of time, have a trusted friend or neighbor regularly check-in on the house.
  3. Have your exterior lights and a couple interior lights set on a timer to ward off potential burglars.
  4. Make sure real Christmas trees are situated away from fire places and in water to keep it green.
  5. Before placing lights on the tree, make sure the string of lights are in good condition, with no frayed wires.
  6. Make sure fires are put out before going to bed, and never leave a candle unattended.

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