Don’t dismiss the unusual

Don’t dismiss the unusual. While this may seem like common sense, or perhaps a rational thought, people do it every day. Whether it’s by believing that nothing bad could ever happen, or by not using common sense- unusual things can and may happen.

A state of fear and paranoia is not the objective of J&J Security, but rather a mindset of honesty, understanding and awareness. Accidents happen. Burglaries, fires and other miscellaneous things happen that make us more cautious to our surroundings and the things going on in our lives.

There is currently a string of burglaries in the area where supplies, like copper wire is being stolen. While this is nothing new, the intensity and large mass of some recent occurrences, give the situation new light.

You may typically overlook average things as miniscule or unappealing to a thief, but in reality, a thief is looking for anything they can use to make a gain: money, electronics to sell, guns, expensive clothing, alcohol, tobacco, drugs and medicine, jewelry, silver, gold, copper, sports gear, cars, etc. If it has a value to you, then it probably will have a value to someone else.

While valuables and objects are replaceable, peace of mind and security is not. Don’t dismiss the unusual items that could be a target for a burglar. Protect your home, household, community, business and family with residential and commercial security systems from J&J Security. Contact us today for more information on how to keep your home and family safe.